Portcross Limited is a family owned company founded in 1997, with the vision to provide Kenya and the East African market, a wider variety of higher quality consumer goods, which were unavailable in the market at the time.

20 years on, Portcross Limited is considered a leading Importer and Distributor of several quality, innovative and life improving brands. East African consumers can now enjoy healthier options of consumable products which positively impact their lifestyles.

As true brand ambassadors, Portcross Limited, ensures that each brand is adapted to the nuances and culture of the local market, while still preserving the essence of the brand. Not only do we serve as a distributor, we actively market, promote and build grass root brand awareness. In essence we steadily turn otherwise little known global brands in to East African household names.

Our Promise

As a company we exist to ensure that our consumers have a broad selection of products that ensure a healthier, productive and fuller life.


We ensure that our products offer high nutritional value to improve diet, and still add a unique tasty flair to every meal.

Home Care

We ensure that the products you use in your home are safe and biodegradable. All products are tested and certified by some of the world’s most rigorous bodies such as HACCP.


We ensure that you enjoy the best the world has to offer, with the widest selection of premium global brands that ensure a healthy and energized life.