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Wonderful Pistachios are perfectly seasoned for a delicious flavour with a satisfying crunch.
Sun-ripened and 100% naturally opened, we only offer the largest available nuts that are
equally roasted - without added oil - thanks to our unique rotary roasting technique.

Renute Tea

Renuka; a range of Coconut milk, Coconut cream,
powder and desiccated coconut products, and Renute’ range of flavored green and black teas.

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Who are we?

Portcross Limited is a family owned company founded in 1997, with the vision to provide Kenya and the East African market, a wider variety of higher quality consumer goods, which were unavailable in the market at the time.

20 years on, Portcross Limited is considered a leading Importer and Distributor of several quality, innovative and life improving brands. East African consumers can now enjoy healthier options of consumable products which positively impact their lifestyles.

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